Lise Brown

Lise Brown
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I am a holistic physiotherapist for women and consider the body and mind as a whole. Among other conditions I have a special interest and expertise in maternity care, prolapse, incontinence, pelvic dysfunction, pelvic pain, posture, breathing and the interconnectedness between them.Womens health is my passion and I am very dedicated to empowering, educating, treating and guiding women to achieve greater health whilst influenced by yoga principles.Maternity care is my little niche and I love guiding my ladies from pregnancy to post natal care so they can safely enjoy the natural changes occurring during this very special time of their life. I attend births as well bringing my expertise as a physiotherapist in the birth suite and always find this event fascinating.TELEHEALTH and HOMEVISITS are AVAILABLE.I believe life is about movement and Im really inspired to help women of any age return safely to meaningful activities currently impeded by their prolapse, incontinence or pelvic pain.In my personal life I practise what I advocate with my own family educating my three children to live a healthy life, eating nutritious home cooked meals, practicing regular outdoor activities and I personally love my regular yoga practice.I have been using the Theraline maternity and nursing pillow since I was pregnant with my first child in 2005 and I found it so fantastic that I decided to sell them and educate my clients on how to use this great pillow during the whole pre and post natal period and beyond!! Health Fund Rebates Available


Hi, My name is Lise. I first qualified as a physiotherapist in France, my country of origin in 2002. I have always been interested in learning how the body can function globally and I did a training course over 18 months on muscular sling in 2006/2007.

I completed my family of three children in France and became very interested in the womens health area with my first pregnancy in 2005. Since then, I have completed training based on prevention of birth trauma through birth positioning in France with Bernadette de Gasquet in 2005-2006 and applied those lessons with my three pregnancies, births and post natal care.

I also completed training in hypopressive gymnastics (known in Australia as low pressure fitness) with Marcel Caufriez in 2008.

We then moved to Australia (my husband is Australian) in 2010 where I completed an advanced diploma of Myotherapy in 2011. Even though my French qualification wasnt recognised here in Australia, I kept learning and attended numerous womens health courses throughout Australia until I decided to sit the equivalence exams for my physiotherapy qualification here in Australia in 2013/2014 (a long and difficult process but I dont regret it!).

I regularly read, attend webinars, courses and lectures about womens health. I recently completed a 3 day osteopathic course on pelvic visceral mobilisation with Natalie Lejeune, renown French osteopath, which I incorporate in my treatment of ladies with fertility issues, women suffering from endometriosis, pelvic pain, IBS or women post pelvic surgery.

I am currently a member of the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association, CFA (Continence Foundation of Australia) and a member of the international womens health Facebook groups where we constantly share knowledge.


    French qualified Physiotherapist
    Australian qualified Physiotherapist
    Australian qualified Myotherapist
    Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)
    Member of Institute of Registered Myotherapist of Australia (IRMA)
    Registered with AHPRA
    Listed on the International Physiological Chains directory
    APOR method Bernadette de Gasquet (prevention of dysfunctions during peri natal period including birth) ( in France)
    Hypopresive gymnastics training course with Dr Marcel Caufriez ( in France)
    Registered for Worksafe

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